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On-Site and In-Person training OPENS AUGUST 1ST at our newly built Outdoor Gym. This is open to all Sierra Fitness members, and private training, and small group classes. Schedule your appointment NOW. Also, you can take advantage of our Online Classes & Video Library built just for you.

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New Online Classes

Pilates Mat Sliding 20

Easy Does It FUN 30

Rolling Stretches 25

Mat Moves With Ball 25

Pilates Mat Basics 20

Step Plyo 30

Easy Does It part 1 30

Easy Does It Floor part 2 30

Lower Body & Cardio 35

Cupid Shuffle

Mat Moves 25

Senorita Dance

Circuit Challenge 30

PJ Fit 12

Stretching 20

Youg Moves 20

Floor Yoga 30

Easy Does It

Easy Does It Intervals 30

Upper Body Strength 20

Cardio Step 20

Arms Get Moving 20

Cardio Step 20

Circuit Sweat 30

Pajama Stretching

Yoga Calm 35

Floor Yoga 30

Easy Does It Low Impact 30

Stretching 20

Yoga Moves 20

Low Impact 20

Easy Does It & Friends 30

Get Moving Glutes 30

Full Body Circuit 30

ABS 10

Weights Waterbottles Broomsticks

Low Impact 12

Easy Stretch 15

Chair Stretch 15

Cardio Step 30

Phone: (626) 836-1236
Fax: (626) 836-1230

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