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Our 4 studio facility is equipped with 18 pilates reformers, 11 springboards, 2 caddillacs, 2 wunda chairs, multiple accessory apparatus and barrels. There are many fun and intimate classes with lots of energy to choose from and personal training appointments too.

Pilates training helps condition your entire body. By improving your endurance, balance, and flexibility you reenergize your muscles and build full-body strength.

Tailored Programs

Our programs include In-Home, Strength, Stretch, Balance & Coordination, Pre & Post Natal Pregnancy, Pre & Post surgery Rehabilitation, Chronic injuries, Sports Specific Strength & Endurance, and Weight Management.

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Who is pilates for? 

Anyone can participate in pilates training. It allows your muscles to maneuver with full range of motion.   

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Phone: (626) 836-1236
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