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What We Offer

As a full service fitness gym, Sierra Fitness offers a wide variety of fitness training services—fun, energetic group classes, personalized fitness plans and packages, and an assortment of equipment and machines for group or individual training. We are more than just a gym, we are a community.

Fitness Gym

Full service fitness equipment including cardio machines and free weights. Our gym is the perfect place to work on your fitness with our personal training packages or all on your own.

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Pilates Studios

Our 4 studio facility is equipped with 18 pilates reformers, 11 springboards, 2 cadillacs, 2 wunda chairs, and multiple accessory apparatus and barrels. Fun, intimate classes with lots of energy.

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Studio 3 (Group Pilates)

Classic Pilates Group Reformer classes are a flexible and an affordable option for the Pilates aficionado. In a Group Reformer Class, a maximum of 6 students are guided through a full body workout under the watchful eye of a certified Pilates instructor.

Classic Combo Our Classic Combo Pilates class is designed to build strength and challenge co-ordination by deepening your pilates workout and your personal calorie burn. We include the jumpboard and the reformer to give a low-impact alternative to a cardio infused class. A variety of ailments like osteoporosis, use this workout as it is good for bone building. Ankle and knee issues see tremendous improvement because the non-gravitational nature of jumping in the supine position means that less stress is placed on the joints.

Studio 2

Private Training Pilates rebalances muscular imbalances, helps to correct postural alignment and promotes proper neuromuscular firing. Private sessions allow you to work with an instructor, one on one, to achieve your own personal goals - athletic training, injury rehabilitation or postural correction. Private classes are also great if you are pregnant and looking for a way to work pilates into your prenatal fitness and wellness routine.

We offer Private one to one training and Semi-Private two to four clients training in our large fully equipped studios. Private classes are a great way to work with specific unique body circumstances, injuries, and also a way to get familiar and comfortable with the machines to eventually join our large group classes.

Springboard Springboard Training is a body weight workout that develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously with spring resistance. The blend of Springboard resistance and circuit training enable hundreds of exercises for every fitness goal. HIIT or High Intensity Intervals are added for variety and to bring on the sweat.

Studio 4 (Group Pilates)

Pro Pilates Pro Pilates This innovative and effective fitness method is the optimal workout for individuals who want to quickly achieve a sleek, defined physique. Performed on our NEW Pro Pilates reformers, you’ll be in a group with everyone working, sweating, grooving to great tunes and simply having a blast. This "amped up" Pilates class combines resistance, lengthening, strength-training and cardio, helping you achieve results unlike any other type of fitness program.

EZ Pro Pilate
Designed for a client new to the equipment, or just returning to Pilates. You will enjoy a full-body workout at a tempered pace. This starting point is for any client who is uncertain of this "athletic" Pilates styled class. You will learn to improve your fitness level in a safe environment, modifying positions and moves as needed to challenge you. Additionally, you learn about the equipment benefits - how it works, how to use it, and how to find the right burn-level to enjoy a challenging workout.

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