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Sandy Duvall

Sandy started her fitness career opening her first aerobics studio in 1982. Since, Sandy has travelled the world training and consulting for various companies and fitness facilities. One of the first Aerobic Champions, Duvall also helped develop fitness products such as The “Thighmaster” working with Susanne Somers and the “Slide” working with Cheryl Ladd. As an entrepreneur, Sandy continues to develop and implement new fitness methods keeping her facility always on the cutting edge!

Stacey Hanson Watkins

Stacey is the Fitness Director for Sierra Fitness Pilates Studios. In her career as a Pilates professional since 1989, Stacey has designed programs for fitness, dance, sports, rehabilitation and academic settings.  She is certified as a Master Pilates Trainer in four separate Pilates Certification Alliances internationally and holds two degrees B.A Dance, and B.Ed. from Australia.

Being invited to join BASI Pilates in the USA as Director of Education since 1998, this led her to travel and continue to teach nationally and internationally as a BASI Master Trainer.  Body Arts and Science International offers a college level learning environment for the professional seeking a thorough education in the Pilates Method.  As a former dancer, kinesiologist, certified Rolfer and myofacsial expert - her training in physical education has led to deeper understanding of injuries, body mechanics, and the need to balance body energies within each workout. Professionally choosing to work with rehabilitation facilities for most of her career brought a love for Physical therapy and an acceptance into the masters program here in USA. Stacey hopes to continue this education in the next few years. Extra Fitness certifications include TRX, Booty Barre, Indo-Row, Pre & Post-Natal Pilates, and Yin Yoga.

Stacey now lives with her daughter as USA Citizen in Los Angeles.

George Holquin

George started out as a massage therapist in 1994, receiving his certificate from California School of Massage. He is certified in both Swedish and American massage therapy. After a few years in the massage industry, George decided he wanted to further his skill set in the physical fitness world. George received his personal training/fitness specialist certificates from Mount Sac in 2000, and continued on to become a physical therapy aid in 2001. George enjoys Sport Specific Training. He is a fan of all Los Angeles sport teams, as well as the Oakland Raiders.

Rebecca Toubar

Becky Touber is a former competitive bodybuilder. She won the title of Miss California Natural, locally, and was ranked 3rd nationally for heavyweight drug-free women. Inspired to help others to achieve their strength and wellness goals, she acquired her AFAA certification in 1993. Becky won nearly every contest she entered, while avoiding all performance-enhancing drugs, giving her a unique skill-set in both nutrition and sports conditioning. It all came down to diet and technique.

Post competition, Becky used that expertise to devise her own ideology, allowing herself and her clients to thrive without deprivation. She takes pride in imparting an entirely holistic perspective, stressing balance and moderation, in the gym and in life. Becky has the benefit of a long career in the wellness industry and doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks the walk.

Marie Meek

Marie is a mother of 2 and has been a Pasadena-area entrepreneur and supporter of local charities her entire career.  Early in her 15 years in the Hospitality and Service industries, a passion and talent arose to heal people and make them strong, and to collaborate with the area's top physical training professionals to hone her skills.Today Marie has a following of loyal clients and is absolutely dedicated to expanding her education and success in personal health and fitness.  Posting top scores in her ISSA certification, she is now an energetic instructor at Sierra Fitness and is continuing her studies to become a greater authority in the disciplines of Pilates, Massage and Reiki.

Gabriela Arredondo

Gabriela Arredondo is a certified Pilates and TRX Instructor. She has a life-long passion for physical and mental fitness and her devotion to fitness propelled her to a 4th place finish in national collegiate competition (NCAA), as a cross-country team member, for California State University, Los Angeles. She also has an Associate of Arts degree, and an Associate of Science degree from Pasadena City College, embracing an education that combines a focus on aesthetics and nutrition, respectively. Her mantra is happiness and good health through exercise, healthful nutrition and a positive attitude.

Taylor Reicheun

Taylor is a certified personal trainer through NASM. Taylor loves to share his passion and enthusiasm for fitness by helping others reach their personal goals. Taylor has personally made positive lifestyle changes through fitness and nutrition which initially sparked his interest in working in the health and wellness industry. Come join Taylor on your fitness journey today!

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